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Understanding How Buying a Home Works

You're ready to take the leap and buy a home but have no idea where to start, and it feels overwhelming? You came to the right place!


Everyone's journey will be different, and you may have to re-start your search a few times before you capture those keys. But don’t worry—eventually, with the right real estate partner, you will find what you're looking for. Here is a simplified perspective from start to finish….

Understanding Your Needs

Take the time to find a real estate agent that you can trust and is responsive to your needs. The first step will be recieving a copy of the Real Estate Council of Ontario's Information Guide. Every agent should be sharing this with you before discussing anything real

estate related. Need help with some questions to get you starting on finding an agent - we got you (here)!

We like to get to know prospective clients with a kickoff meeting to discuss your goals and better understand your lifestyle so we can craft a plan that works for you. For example, if evenings and weekends are already hectic, we can do showings during lunch hour!

Setting Up Your Support Team

As you start your search, you'll want to also build out your support team. These include experienced and trusted mortgage professionals, lawyers, inspectors, tradespeople, etc. If you're not sure who to connect with, ask your agent! We keep a directory of trusted professionals that we share with our clients. But also suggest asking for referrals from friends and family members who you trust.


Exploring Your Options

Get ready to explore houses with your agent who will set up an "auto search" eamil that will send new listings matching your criteria to your inbox each day. We like to leverage a Dream Home Checklist that provides us with more details about the nuances of what you are looking for to ensure you don't waste your time reviewing homes that won't feel right. Of course, not all of the houses you find will be a good fit for you. That's where the market knowledge and experience of your agent comes into play.

We like to share a Home Tracker with our clients that helps us all stay updated on the likes/dislikes for each property we see as well as sale statistics to stay informed on how the market is shifting.

Negotiating to Get You the Best Deal

Once you find "the One," you will work with your agent to put together an offer that protects your best interests (e.g., home inspections, financing, etc.) and maximizes the value of your home investment (i.e., get you the best deal). It will be important to balance your needs and the interests of the Sellers to successfully win the home.

All agents have their own ways of working, we have a few steps we always take to ensure our offers connect with the Sellers in a way that is unique to each buyer.

Activating Your Support Team (Again)

Once you have an offer accepted, and have submitted the deposit within 24 hours (have your money ready!) it's time to activate your wider support team. You will work with your agent and your support team to ensure all aspects of the offer are finalized. This can include scheduling home inspections, additional visits to allow tradespeople to review potential renovations, providing any information your mortgage broker may need to secure your loan and answering any questions your lawyer has about the property. Continual communication at this stage is crucial to success. It is important that your agent is responsive to everyone's needs as timelines are very important.

Preparing for Closing Day

It’s time to start packing and make arrangements for the big day. This includes setting up utilities, sharing your new address with everyone (especially those who give you money and hold your money!), getting your monies in order for your down payment and closing costs, etc. Your agent should be ready and responsive to address any questions and provide any referrals you need.

Continuing to Support You After Your Move

For us, once your home is closed we aren't going anywhere! We will stay on your team as long as you'll have us. We'll check in shortly after your move as well as from time to time to make sure you're still loving your new space. If you need recommendations for renovation professionals, plumbers, electricians, even local dentists, daycares, or the best place to grab brunch—we'll be here. Even years down the road, if you have questions about increased value, the impact of current market conditions, etc., we will be there to answer them. We'll even be in touch with invites to our Client Family events throughout the year.

Ready to Start Your Home Buying Journey?

Get in touch with us today! We’re here to help you every step of the way and ensure that your home buying experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

For more detailed information, DOWNLOAD our comprehensive buyer guide.

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